At The Ruby, we’re always looking to create new and exciting taste combinations. It’s one of the reason’s we’re Braintree’s number one Indian takeaway on Tripadvisor.

We aim to provide our customers with a service which is unique and and an order that is full of flavour, a meal you love!. We want to create takeaway food you just have to tell your friends about!

The time has come to unveil our latest Street Food inspired creations, dishes which combine two of your most loved ingredients from Indian cuisine to create something truly special for our takeaway.

Indian Food Fusion

We’ve taken two of our most popular ingredients – deliciously juicy Chicken Tikka pieces and crispy Onion Bhaji – and we’ve combined them to create a taste experience that is truly unique.

The two dishes we would like to introduce are our Ruby Biryani and our Special Murghee Roll.

Ruby Biryani

The Ruby Biryani has been on our menu for a little while now and it’s already proving to be very popular with our customers!

The dish provides a range of textures and flavours, with Chicken tikka and crispy Onion Bhaji marinated and cooked in our special hot, sweet and sour sauce and then mixed and tossed with fresh pilau rice. The Ruby Biryani gives your taste buds a broad range of delicious flavours.

As always, we use fresh ingredients such as juicy tomato and sweet chutneys to create great food and exceptional curries.

Enjoy a taste of India, delivered to your door!

Delicious chicken tikka with Onion Bhaji, spices and Pilau rice tossed together to create a delicious Ruby Biryani!

Special Murghee Roll

The second dish we would like to introduce is the Special Murghee Roll.

We’ve taken the same delicious mix of tender Chicken Tikka and crispy Onion Bhaji and combined it with the unique flavours to create a delicious Kati Roll. With fresh crunchy salad and our sweet and tangy special red sauce, our Special Murghee Roll is something you don’t want to miss out on. Oozing with different flavours!

“The roll was absolutely brimming with flavourful chicken, onion bhaji & salad!”


We’ve found the right combination, mixing traditional Indian cuisine with a modern approach to herbs, spice and taste. We cannot wait to share our quality Indian street food with Braintree and the United Kingdom! Find us on the Fountain end of the High Street, around the corner from St. Michael’s Church.

Delicious chicken tikka and crispy Onion Bhaji in a flame grilled Chapati and a splash of our special sauce!

“What a treat! Well done Ruby! Amazing food in Braintree at last 💪”

Kevin, Braintree

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We offer online ordering, so you can make sure you receive your Ruby Biryani or our Kati Roll straight to your door. Visit our online ordering page to place your order.

There’s lots of information on the website about our dishes, our menu, exciting special offers and most of all our staff guarantee a great customer service experience.

We have a range of side dishes and accompaniments available, too, to accompany your meal. All of our delicious food is provided to an exceptionally high standard. Our chef is ready to begin preparing your dish!

“Best Indian takeaway in Braintree”

Jane, Braintree