The Ruby : Story

Mo’s family originate from Bangladesh. When Mo’s father, Hamid, first reached the shores of the U.K, the mastery of Indian Cuisine and catering became his natural path. After nearly a decade of working in a number of highly acclaimed restaurants, with all the wealth of knowledge and culinary expertise acquired over this time, Mo’s father decided it was time to establish his own Authentic Indian Take Away that is the best Indian takeaway in Braintree.

Bengal Spice was first established in 1999. With the finest authentic Herbs and Spices and a true passion for Indian Cuisine, Bengal Spice had been offering the unique array of delightful dishes which we, in Braintree, have come to know today. It is the unique cooking style of Head Chef Mr. Uddin, which had been the foundation of Bengal Spice’s reputation for providing the finest Indian Cuisine in Braintree. In 2017, as ‘Bengal Spice’ now becomes ‘The Ruby,’ Mo can very proudly say that Mr Uddin will still remain as Head Chef, to ensure that Braintree still continues to recieve the most delicious Indian food.

From the age of 14, Mo was brought into the family business and ever since then he has never looked back, after almost 5 years of experience of working in an Indian kitchen and also serving customers, as a front of house manager, Mo has become a true connoisseur in providing the finest Indian take away experience.

Mo feels that there is a true hidden beauty in Indian Cuisine, from how it is prepared and cooked, to how it is served. He believes, that it can take many years of dedication and passion, to truly know how to provide the best Indian take away experience. , ‘The Ruby’ is an expression of his many year of passion and dedication, which Mo has given whilst working alongside his Father Hamid.

With a new contemporary style of cooking and more delicious recipes, The Ruby presents a new and very exciting chapter for how Indian Cuisine is experienced in Braintree.

Our Address

122 High Street,
Braintree CM7 1JZ

Opening Hours

Sunday to Monday

5pm – 11pm

Call : 01376 340307